Nesling sailwarranty

As a result of UV rays exposure, breaking of the fabric, rupture or disintegration within 5 years after the date of purchase, Nesling will to the best of her capabilities replace the fabric without charge (this doesn't account for the components), or the costs for a decent replacement.
If a close investigation by Nesling indicates that the damage caused is due to faulty usage, there will be no claim on the warranty.

The consumer has the right for replacement or compensation in case of a large-scale fault in the fabric and will be compensated for any other damage or loss which is reasonably foreseeable.

The consumer also has the right on repair or replacement of the products when these products lack the quality even if the lack in quality even if the lack in quality has not caused high-scale damage.

The consumer must handover proof of payment to claim compensation. Nesling has the right to ask for retrieval of the product. The consumer will carry the costs for claiming the warranty. In case the product has to be returned to Nesling, the costs for shipping will be for the consumer. The replaced or repaired product will be made available to an indicated address by Nesling, or will, if possible, sent to the address of the consumer.


The warranty is not applicable under the following circumstances:

  • The defect is due to faulty usage of the product or the use of the product in a way that is not intended;

  • The defect is completely or partially assigned to an act of negligence by any other person than Nesling;

  • The product has been a subject to faulty usage, negligence, an accident or mismanagement;

  • The product has been built, installed or used in a way different from Nesling what indicates in her instructions or warnings;

  • The product has been used for an entirely different purpose than domestic use;

  • The defect is due to wind force 6 or higher.

The warranty doesn't cover:

  • Fading of the colour of the product (even when it's caused due to UV-radiation) or degradation in the chemical composition of the fabric due to UV-radiation;

  • Any damage to the product as a result of exposure of the product to chemicals (including chlorine), placing the product nearby open fire (including fire coming from a BBQ) or any other heat source created by men or nature, or excessive tightening of the product.