Nesling Harmonica Cover

Maybe you are thinking about buying a Coolfit Harmonica Shade Canopy, or maybe you already have one! Of course you would want to keep it looking nice. Disassembling the Shade Canopy at the end of the season to protect the shade in the winter months belongs to the past.

When the Summer season is over, you can easily store the shade with the Nesling Harmonica Shade Cover. Disassembling isn't necessary anymore!

With the Harmonica Shade cover you do not need to disassemble the shade and you can leave it hanging all year long. This way you can enjoy your shade canopy until the last sunny day, after which, you can easily store it.

The Harmonica Shade Cover is to be installed with velcro and snaps. Because the cover contains ventilation holes, it allows the air to circulate, which prevents mold from getting in the cover and shade.

Harmonica Cover 200

Article number Colour
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$ 199,99

Harmonica Cover 290

Article number Colour
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$ 216,99

Nesling Harmonica Cover


  • Mold resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be opened and closed with velcro and snaps
  • Can stay outside all year round!